Adams Arms AR15 Piston Conversion Kit Low Profile

Adams Arms AR15 Piston Conversion Kit Low Profile

Adams Arms

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The Adams Arms Lightweight Gas Piston Conversion Kit is a complete retrofitting kit that brings a standard AR-15 rifle into the 21st century by replacing its dirty direct gas impingement operating system with a cooler, cleaner, short-stroke gas piston design. With the piston conversion installed, hot combustion gases are kept out of the upper receiver and vented forward, resulting in a gun that remains cleaner and cooler during operation for increased reliability and decreased maintenance. The low profile design of the gas block reduces weight, and streamlines the look. This kit can be used with any barrel with a .750" diameter gas block and gas piston compatible handguards.


Kit Contents:

  • .750" Diameter Low Profile Gas Block
  • Gas Piston
  • Piston Return Spring and Bushing
  • Operating Rod
  • Upper Receiver Bushing
  • Installation Hardware
  • 1-Piece Bolt Carrier w/Integral Piston Strike Face
  • Bolt Spring
  • Installation Hardware
  • Detailed Installation Instructions