Bushmaster Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System - Complete Care Range Bag


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•  Heavy duty, water resistant, embroidered bag with two adjustable interior compartment dividers, a reinforced, adjustable shoulder strap, and sized to carry 4 shotgun shell boxes or up to 8 boxes of other ammo
•  5.56 NATO/223, 7.62 NATO/308, 9mm/357/38, 10mm/40,44/45, 12GA red Bore Squeeg-E with matching bronze bore brushes
•  Coated cables and patented Fast Snap handle making cable pulls more efficient
•  28’’ x 12’’ mat velcro’ed in the bag protects surfaces, stores easily, and is removable for washing
•  Complete with the Bushmaster 1-2-3 system including a ½ fl. oz Lube and Protectant, 1 fl. oz Rinse, and ½ fl. oz Bore Cleaner and Polish