Blackhawk Sportster 36'' Scoped Tactical Rifle Case

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The 74SG36BK case from BlackHawk is the perfect choice for all shooters with a variety of firearms.

Designed with four (4) magazine pockets to fit standard size magazines from different manufactures, BlackHawk incorporated an additional two (2) larger accessory pockets allowing the shooter to be prepared with any accessories one may need.

BlackHawk makes every product durable and dependable and this case is no different! Made with an external closed cell foam, the 74SG36BK from BlackHawk allows the case to take abuse and impact to keep all firearms and accessories protected.

Additionally there is an internal open cell foam which protects the weapon in the same manner, almost embracing the firearm in its protective cushion.

Along with the internal soft fabric protection, BlackHawk also made the 74SG36BK with a lockable closure design for the ultimate protection and safety.

With dimensions of 36" x 11.5" x 3", the rifle case allows the shooter to have a wider range of choices in the firearms they can use in this BlackHawk case. If you need a quality protective carry case for your valuable firearms, this is it! It’s made with 600 denier polyester with thick PVC laminate and dual-density foam padding.

This BlackHawk case gives shooters the peace of mind to know that the polyester material that it’s made from will last throughout the years. When safety and durability of a product come to mind, BlackHawk beats out the competition in every way!